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Kirk Houghton was born in Lancashire, England, in 1982 and obtained a first class honours degree in Modern World History at the University of Central Lancashire before reading for his M.Phil at St Antony's College, University of Oxford. He released his debut novel, The Dividing Lines, in 2015 and followed it in 2016 with Bad Things to Good People, an anthology of short stories. 

Kirk's current novel has a big focus on the world of banking and corporate takeovers. This next project is already being described as Murakami meets Michael Lewis and promises to bring economics and finance to a literary audience. On 1st February 2021, Kirk announced the completion of a first draft of Machines of God. He intends to re-write and edit his latest work and produce a final draft by early 2022.

His work often explores the following themes:

  • contested definitions of English national identity
  • the negative impact of moral relativism on western civilisation
  • the emergence of Islam as a political and demographic force in Europe
  • Christianity's erosion from public life
  • the lamentable democratisation of all aspects of life in England
  • the isolation of the individual in a secular society

Kirk is also a co-founder of online music publication, Scream Blast Repeat, and holds the post as lead editor and writer for the extreme metal and dark alternative site. At present, he works in the education sector for a department of the University of Cambridge and lives in Hertfordshire.

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